Lost City of Z hits The New York Times Bestseller List at #1

Lost City of Z

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My Talk at Chautauqua Institution on Fora.tv

date: Aug 16, 2010 - Fora.tv

My talk on my “moment of madness in the Amazon” at Chautauqua Institution is online at Fora.tv, available with a subscription or day pass.


On The Charlie Rose Show

date: Mar 23, 2010

image I was on the Charlie Rose show last night to talk about The Devil and Sherlock Holmes, in particular my piece on Cameron Todd Willingham and my piece “Mysterious Circumstances.” Here’s a link: Charlie Rose

Blogging at The Book Bench

date: Mar 15, 2010

I don’t get to take too much time from writing for The New Yorker, but I recently blogged at the Powell’s blog, which was a lot of fun, and this week I’m blogging The New Yorker’s book blog, “The Book Bench.” Here’s my first post: “David Grann Takes the Bench.”

Lost City of Z hits The New York Times Bestseller List at #1

date: Feb 25, 2010

The Lost City of Z hit The New York Times Bestseller List for paperback nonfiction last week at #1!

Secrets of the Lost City of Z on CBS’s Sunday Morning

date: Feb 25, 2010

I was on CBS’s Sunday Morning on Sunday the 21st. Here’s an excerpt from the conversation:

“There was, by the end, a maniacal quality to him,” said Grann. “And I think with obsession, there are kind of two qualities about it: there is the fruits of obsession, which can lead to wonderful discoveries - Fawcett made many interesting discoveries - but there could also be a lethal quality to obsession, and in this case, there really was.”

And you can read the rest at CBS

“Hail, Britain’s Indiana Jones of the Amazon”

date: Jan 07, 2010 - Ben Macintyre, Times London

Great piece in The Times on Fawcett and recent discoveries in the Amazon:

Recent archaeological research, using satellite imagery and radar, has uncovered convincing proof of large pre-Columbian settlements in the very places where Fawcett searched and vanished: not merely houses, but moats, roads, bridges, avenues and squares laid out with geometric precision.

The latest discovery, reported in the journal Antiquity, has found more than 200 earthworks in the upper Amazon basin, some built in the 13th century but others dating back two centuries before Christ.

Sadly, deforestation of the Amazon is partly responsible for the discoveries. Read the rest of the article here: “Hail, Britain’s Indiana Jones of the Amazon”

“The Lost City Of Z” Named One Of The Best Books Of 2009

date: Jan 01, 2010

The book was chosen as one of the best books of the year by many newspapers and magazines in the United States and around the world. The New York Times critic Michiko Kakutani selected “The Lost City of Z” as one of the ten best books published in 2009; so did Entertainment Weekly and Publishers Weekly. It was also chosen as one of the best or most notable books of the year by the Sunday New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, Providence Journal, Bloomberg, McClatchy Newspapers, Globe and Mail, Amazon, and Evening Standard. The Los Angeles Times and World Hum also selected it as one the best travel books of the year. Barnes and Noble chose it as its number one non-fiction book of 2009.

The Lost City of Z has been shortlisted for the Samuel Johnson Award

date: May 21, 2009 - The Guardian

The Lost City of Z is one of six finalists for England’s highest non-fiction award.

John Grisham Talks About The Lost City of Z ON C-SPAN

date: Mar 31, 2009 - C-SPAN

Listen to John Grisham talks about The Lost City of Z.

Interview on “Colbert Nation”

date: Mar 17, 2009 - Colbert Nation

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